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These True Colours..

Introducing Malachi Logan Davies-Grant
Born 04:09am on Thursday 10th April 2014, 11 days over due.
I was only in established labour for 3 hours, only using gas and air for pain relief as the labour went too quickly to have an epidural.
I needed stitches and am still very sore but other than that were both doing very well.
Breast feeding is going fantastically.
I have never been so in love in my life.

So this is it!!

I’m off into hospital to be induced to have my baby boy!!!!

Anonymous asked:
I want you to know you are an inspiration and you pretty much saved me from a horrible relapse. I am having a horrible break down and I felt like giving up but your blog..YOU, helped. thank you. Stay strong, you beautiful, amazing woman.

Omgosh :’) I am sooo so so sooooo proud of you for not giving up. You are so incredibly strong and an inspiration to me too!! If I could I would give you the worlds biggest cuddle!!! I’m always here for you ok? You’re a very precious human being and I truly want you to be happy. Stay strong! I know you can get through this. Xx

Anonymous asked:
You are having a baby?! That's amazing I wish you and the baby the best! Do you know what it is? How far along are you?

Hehe I am :’-) thank you!! I’m having a boy. He’s called Malachi Logan :-) I’m actually just over a week overdue. 41 weeks and a day :)

Anonymous asked:
Can we see your baby bump!? I'm so excited for you!!

Sure! I’ll take a photo for you now :’)

Anonymous asked:
How's everything with the little one? Xx

He’s still not here!! :-( I’m being given a date tomorrow to be induced. Everything’s fine though other than being very uncomfortable! Xx

Anonymous asked:
why did you stop being a jw

I genuinely could list soooo many reasons but I don’t want to give them a bad name or anything. but some reasons are how unhappy i was and it was causing me a lot of stress. I still think it’s the truth though

I miss our doggies :-(