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These True Colours..
Anonymous asked:
Are you bi curious?


I’m sick of having no wifi!

In like a month or two I should finally have it!
Then I’ll be back for good :D
Not that anyone noticed I was gone! Ha

Anonymous asked:
Hey lovely. I usually aim to send you a message if I ever see that you're a bit sad, so I'm really sorry I haven't done that the last few days. Everything will be okay, take a moment to just breathe and relax! It's difficult to reach out to people, but if you need a friend, I'm here, if you need a phone number, or a Facebook or an address to post letters too, I'm here for all of that! Sometimes you need someone to cry to or share your happiness with. I can't be that person, if you let me! xxx

I would like that so much.. I need that
I didn’t realise anybody cared tbh :-/ xxx

*Insert rant on how low my self esteem is here*

Anonymous asked:
your blog is whatever you want to post. it should be your safe space, if you want to post how you're feeling do it. reach out to people, let them know you're hurting and they'll come with words if comfort. you're worth so much

I didn’t expect this… Thank you :-) x


My blog’s meant to be happy and inspiring..
I’ll stop with the stupid personal depressed posts

stones-off-the-bones asked:
Hey there are good things coming your way. I believe in you. Hang in there cause this too shall pass. I love you. Stay golden xoxo

Thank you. I want to believe you x

Somebody help me

I’m begging
I can’t take this :’(

I give up on today