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These True Colours..
Anonymous asked:
is life good?

Define “good”

Actually don’t know how long I can fight this urge to purge
Anonymous asked:
How many JWs have you slept with?

2.. Tho technically one if them wasn’t. He was never baptised and left not long after

Yes I just ate a whole pizza to myself

No I will not purge..
Yes it would be easier to do it than to fight it
But I will not purge…

Life’s too short to stress about food
Anonymous asked:
how many people you slept with


Anonymous asked:
How are you?, what you been doing? Whos adam?

I’m ok thanks just full of allergies atm :-/
I’ve just been spending time with Malachi, Rosie & Adam
Adam is a guy I’ve been getting to know

Anonymous asked:
Why did the last person make you angry? George at Asda made you angry?

Lol George the person
He was my best friend
Told me he never wants to lose me
Then stops contact with me for weeks

Anonymous asked:
When was your last kiss with a guy?