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These True Colours..
I think the hardest person to love is yourself.
It shouldn’t be that way tho… (via keinekraftzumleben)

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Reblog if you can proudly admit you’ve never sent anon hate.

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Anonymous asked:
What happened between you and the father for you not to get on? Is malachi the name of your son?

Lots of things. I’d rather not talk about it tho.
Yeah, he’s called Malachi Logan Davies-Grant. I love his name! It’s beautiful just like him!!

Anonymous asked:
You ever thought about doing porn for cash?

What a random question! Not gunna lie when times have been tough in the past it’s crossed my mind, like it must pay well!!
But I’d never ever do that

Anonymous asked:
Why are you so down? You have a beautiful son

I know I do. And he’s perfect.
But it doesn’t change the fact I have mental health issues still going on.
I wish it did. But it doesn’t,


I hate being this down

Anonymous asked:
"Guess who's back for good" But nobody actually missed you!

They probably didn’t (Y)

Anonymous asked:
Single mum, where is the dad? he not stick around?

He’s around for Malachi, but we don’t get along. At all. Like not even slightly. It just doesn’t work.